Monday, October 6, 2008

Note to my Forums Buddies

I am not ignoring you or too busy, I have been banned. Apparently, telling someone that continuing strife an bitterness makes the Enemy happy is against the rules. Too bad it's true.


Crystal said...

Good grief.

I don't know what all was said in that thread, but I do know how unfair the moderating can be there.

Sorry it hit you. Blah.

Jenny-Fair said...

It has been frustrating. I have good friends there, but the moderating has been pretty heavy-handed lately. I nearly left when they shut down my non-dieting thread as it was. Now I guess they have made my decision for me.

narnia said...


I remember some time ago in chat myself and two others were trying to lead someone to Christ and we were heavily moderated, being given warnings that if we continued we would be banned.

We were all stunned and upset.

BeckeyZ said...

I guess I'll have to keep up with you here. I added your blog to my list. ((((((Jen))))))

Bagel's Life @ Home & School said...

I have you on my blogger list as well Jen,
Sorry to see you off of the forums. I hope that you blog here more often though.

shadowspring said...

Now I have you bookmarked too, Jenn!

Love you much and still praying!

Jenny-Fair said...

Thank you, ladies.

Now, don't give Cynthia a hard time, 'cause this wasn't her decision!

I am trying to blog more often ;-)

Anonymous said...

you have GOT to be kidding me? Banned forever?
Dude. DUDE. That frosts my cupcake. =(

Jenny-Fair said...

No, not exactly banned forever. As of today I am allowed to beg for reinstatement. I just haven't decided if I am willing to do that yet.

Karaboo2 said...

(((Jennifer))) I missed all of this because Caleb was in the hospital. I don't know what has happened to get you banned, but I'm praying for the whole situation.

Christina said...

That totally hoovers, Jenny! I was wondering why you haven't been posting. Well, I'm glad your back to blogging. I love reading your blog.

Sarah said...

JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found you!!!!!!

I saw a link on my blog tracker for here, so I checked it out and found you!!!!

I am sorry you got banned...uuuggghhhhh.

I have pulled away a lot the past few months (well, really over the past year, but more and more the past few months). It's definitely not like it used to be.

Anyway...glad I found you now!!!

Jenny-Fair said...

Hi, Sarah! I am glad you found me, too. :-)