Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry for the absence. First we had the Pevensies over (well, half of them) and there wasn't a moment to even think about blogging. Mrs. P got her hair cut and had to dress up for that evening and wowee did she look great! P2 and P3 ran around with my Nate having a blast.

The next day I had one job interview (and several exams) and one temp job offer. So on Wednesday I began at the temp job. It's only supposed to last a couple weeks, so hopefully the other job will start soon afterwards.

As a lovely welcome to the new job, I got my first parking ticket 5 minutes after I walked in the door! You see, the company I work for is located on a college campus, and them folks are really strict about parking passes! I have one now, thankfully. I was thinking about auctioning it off when I am done with the job, but it has an expiration date and....

I will still be driving out there occasionally since I enrolled myself in the college on my lunch break today! I don't start until at least January, though, and maybe not until April.

Two complaints: I only need another three classes or so to get my AA, but I have to take at least 30 credits to be allowed to graduate from this school (since all my other credits are from other schools) and this school actually requires PE. I am trying to do everything via distance ed, and PE is difficult to do that with. The other choice is to take a diet class. Since I am vehemently anti-dieting, um, I am thinking not, thanks anyway.

So, that's my news. Thanks for reading!


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