Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eye Rolling

No, not the teenagers rolling their eyes. Me rolling my eyes at a teenager.

Nate did not remember/tell me that he had a COSTUME PARTY tonight until two or three hours prior to said party. Now, this child said he was too old to dress up, but all of a sudden he needs a costume.

Here's the problem: I own several decent costumes. He won't wear them. Won't be an Indian, won't be a baseball player, won't be Moses, nuthin'. His idea of costumes? Army Guy (this is where he wears his every day clothes, plus the camo hat he wears every day, plus the military belt he wears all the time, plus all the accouterments he is always carrying including his WWII surplus rucksack), Karate Guy (wherein he wears the Gi that he wears twice a week for karate), Hunter Guy (same as Army Guy except no military belt), No Costume Guy (party pooper...not that anyone could tell). Right, Nathan going to a costume party as....Nathan. Gee, they'll never be able to figure out who that boy is. (this is where you insert me rolling my eyes)

Why did I save boxes of costumes from my stage days? Somebody, give me some grateful children with dramatic impulses, will you?

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