Monday, October 20, 2008


Penelope Garcia is my new hero. And when I say that, I mean the character specifically, not the actress, about whom I know almost nothing. Penelope, on the other hand, has grown nearer and dearer to my heart as we've watched the Criminal Minds series (which, unfortunately, CBS is not putting on their website this season and that, to be frank, majorly hoovers!).

Garcia is fat. Not Hollywood fake-fat, but actually fat. And, she doesn't try to cover it up, she doesn't hide herself away (well, she is hidden away in her office, but she is out and about town on non-work hours). She has experienced some negative feelings (that men aren't attracted to her), but in general she seems unashamed. And she definitely has style. While my hair will never be pink or blue, I appreciate her influence in my life. It's ok to wear bright colors, be fun and sassy, etc, despite body size.

I also appreciate that the writers have not, at least that I remember, portrayed her as a cheesburger-eating, lazy couch-potato fatty, nor have I seen her diet. Hooray! A normal, beautiful, wonderful woman who isn't a size 2 on TV.
All that to say that my outfit today is in Garcia's honor. It isn't blue or black, it isn't fade-to-wallflower-unnoticeable-if-I-am-invisible-no-one-will-see-my-fat plain. It's bright, it's horizontally striped, there are dark red tights involved, and it's just plain fun.


BeckeyZ said...

I like Garcia too!!! She is probably the least uptight person on that show.

Shells54 said...

I love Garcia too!!

I agree that it majorly hoovers that CBS did that. That is the only way I can watch.

Jenny-Fair said...

Yeah, we are just lovin' the NCIS episodes on Netflix every week, and it would be superb if they did that with Criminal Minds. I don't know WHAT their problem is. We don't have television, and so many people work or whatever and can't watch it when it airs. And it's the only show they are doing that with. I noticed, though, that the 'upcoming episode' blurb is out-of-date as well. I am wondering if it's a webaster problem or what.