Monday, June 1, 2009

Vans, Toes and Roses

Last night the van wouldn't start. Now, I saw this coming, but it was still an awful experience. And, it is running today, thanks to Brandon's ministrations (he got instructions from my dad. I will admit to trepidation towards driving a car my BABY fixed...even if he is 16 and mechanically inclined). Still, it lost a window (the window is intact in my closet, it just won't stay on the van), it has 290,000 miles on it, the brakes are going, the transmission is not in great shape, the steering has had issues for over a year, the tires are bald and pieces are falling off. It is time to lay the poor thing to rest. She was a good van, and I am immensely grateful for her, but the time has come. This, however, also means it is time to get a new car...which I cannot afford. So, I will be working as many hours as my dear employer will let me, up to 60 a week, and sacrifice both my quarterly pedicures and flowers for my desk, among other things. Hopefully it will be worth it, and in time. And hopefully my kids will remember me when I am done working tons of overtime!


Donna said...

290,000 miles!!! RIP van. You done good.

Jenny-Fair said...

LOL--don't give the eulogy just yet, I need her to keep going until she's replaced!

Cynthia said...

I can relate, Jennifer. Doug's car is about to bite the dust too. We are purchasing my Grandmother's car, which has 109,000 miles on it, which is half as many as ours!