Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Update

Brandon was, amazingly enough, discharged today. He will be staying with my mom for a while. He still can't feel his little finger-please pray for complete healing of the nerve. Also, he is getting antsy, which is not a good thing for either him OR my mother. Idleness has never worked well for him, and mom's cable TV is clearly not enough to battle it, LOL. Thank you all for your prayers-they are much appreciated! I was too busy and tired to answer them all but I did read every one, and I know they were heard. Everything went perfectly, in retrospect, this situation could not have gone better (other than, you know, not having happened to begin with!).


Sarah said...

WOW..God is good!!! I am so glad everything went as well as it could (in the situation that is). God is good isn't He!!! He had everything ready when it needed to be there, including you having a vehicle, and your son having the knowledge to get a tourniquet on his arm.

We will still pray for him and for him to find something to keep his mind going while his arm is on the mend. We will especially pray for his finger and that he gets feeling back in it and can use it again.

What is the time line they are giving for healing?
Is this his dominant hand?

Melissa Hamilton said...

Jenny, Sorry to hear about Brandon's accident. I will be praying that his finger heals completely!

Anonymous said...

praying for his recovery and yours (you know...the mommy hurt you feel when your kid gets hurt!)

Anonymous said...

oh by the way...that last comment was from me...W.O.F.