Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips From Tech Support

Because I love my readers, I decided to share some tips that I have gathered during my time of pretending to be a geek. (My mom says I am not pretending, that I just haven't embraced my inner geek yet, but some days I wonder.) Anyway, here you go:

1. Remember that there is ONE reason that you call Tech Support. It is because we know more than you do. So please don't argue with me when I tell you to do something.

2. Please do not call about a problem you are having with a device when you don't have the device with you. No, really.

3. If you do not know how to use your computer, if, for instance, the only desktop you know of is the one your computer sits on, I am going to have trouble helping you. And please, please don't be offended if we ask to speak to the teenagers in your home because you don't know what a joystick is.

4. If you are having trouble with an iPhone...please do not call tech support from the same iPhone. "Could you please try x?" "Um....I will have to call you back." Sigh.

5. And, finally, do not be offended when we ask you what seem to be very stupid questions. Just the other day a nice man called to say that the button on his device was not working. He said no matter how hard he pushed, it just didn't do anything.
"Sir, have you removed the protective plastic covering?"
"Ahhhh! A ha ha ha ha ha! I have a MASTER'S DEGREE FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Hahahahahaha! A master's degree! Ahem. Thank you. That is all I need this evening."


Sarah said...

ROFLOL. my hubby is one of those that calls without having the device there or available...I just roll my eyes at him and tell him later how he needs to be prepared when he calls...uugggghhh. Gotta love him!!!

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Ah! It's SO TRUE! All of it!!