Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Want For My Birthday: Take Two

I actually felt slightly guilty about the first edition of this post...wanting to get away from my kids being immediately followed by nearly losing one and all. Although, by the next day I wanted to get away even more! I thought, in any case, that I would come up with a slightly more realistic birthday list. Here goes!

A Kayak
A new car
A pedicure each month for a year
A piano repairman/tuner. If he's cute and single, even better. But really, I just want my piano fixed and tuned.
A magic wand.
A good man.
An iPod touch. Yeah, I know, I know...ok, an mp3 player.
The newest Newsboys album
A bed (daybed or futon with an innerspring mattress)

Once, I asked for a new car and a good man and you know what I got? Jumper cables and flannel sheets. Close, but not quite. Since both items are on this list, as well, along with the magic wand (these three items appear on all my lists), I just thought I should point out that I already have jumper cables and flannel sheets.

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