Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where's Aretha Franklin When You Need Her?

I was reading the local letters to the editor this morning when I came across this gem. Clearly something has been left off the curriculum during this child's education.

It is actually quite ironic...Waaahhhh! Quit treating us like babies! (where's my blanky?)
Bulletin board to all substitute teachers: Don't tell us what to do. You're just
a substitute. opposed to the lofty 'senior class' who, I dunno...earned their authority by ageing four years? Without finding out what a bulletin board is?

This is a prime example of why I am not enamored with public education. Although, just for the record, my fave teacher ever was one Mr. Wyatt, substitute for the first three months of my fourth grade year. That man had a way of capturing kids' attention and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


MJ said...

Dave wrote a letter to the editor in reply to that one. As a substitute para-educator he has a lot of sympathy for subs.

I almost wondered if the writer was trying to use irony and skewer the arrogant students. But then I thought, "naaaah."

Nala Watters, (Student) said...

Oh wow! I think I've had Mr. Wyatt before. He was amazing, he kept the whole class in line. He didn't treat us like substitutes usually do, with that attitude of "I'm so glad I'm only a substitute, I can't stand kids. Why did I even get this job? Kids don't know anything." I always loved how he was never timid about being in a new class all the time. Some subs let students make them feel out of place and just go with it when a bunch of them start with "That's not how our teacher does it."

Jenny-Fair said...

Did he give you lots of edible science lessons? LOL, the only non-edible science lesson I can remember was the plaster casts of sea shells. We also had an edible English assignment once--he made us write the instructions to making a PB&J and then the poor man followed them very literally. Huge mess.