Monday, May 18, 2009

My Full-Contact Sport of Choice

Here are the blouse and skirt I wore last night. Inexplicably, my blouse does not have pink piping. It is cute anyway.

Shopping with my mom is a full-contact sport. In 1 hour and six minutes minus travel time, I bought three outfits on my lunch break on Saturday at CJ Banks. She and a saleslady were tossing clothes over the top and running all over the store. Fortunately, the attendance hotline where I had to call to say I would be late coming back doesn't require the REASON for your, really, boss, my mom is holding me hostage in a dressing room at the, she won't let me go until I try on this one sweater...

I had three main goals. I wanted a date outfit, a church/nice outfit and a casual outfit. I left with all three, although my mom bought half of one outfit 'cause I wasn't willing to pay for it, lol--and I thought it was illegal to pay full price for things but apparently I was wrong.

The dress is great...but on the invisible model in the picture, it isn't nearly as it is on me. I haven't worn it out yet, as I need shoes and a good excuse. Casual outfit too casual to bother with linkies and pics :-P

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Cynthia said...

Those are pretty, Jennifer. You should post pictures of yourself in them. I bet you look lovely.