Monday, May 11, 2009

The End and the Means

Nate decided yesterday that he wants to take German at the local high school. He has wanted to learn German for a while now and I have balked at spending nearly $600 on Rosetta Stone and he has refused to consider another program (for lack of speech recognition software) and so we have been at a stalemate. Well, last night Li'l Sis said she was taking German at the high school next year because they apparently take 8th graders for that class. Nate jumped on this, figuring it was the best of all worlds-he and Li'l Sis could speak German with one another, I wouldn't have to spend any money, etc. So now I have to figure out how to get the school to let him into that class. They are required to do things like that but when I called it became pass-the-homeschooling-buck time. I am still waiting for a return call.

In the meantime I discussed with Nate the things he didn't want to hear. Like, you have to get up and go every morning. No more traveling on school days. No more working for mastery, you are stuck with your first score on homework and exams. Can't work at your own pace, so it'll take a whole two years to get two years in, have to take notes and write things by hand in class, etc.

Nate asked how long each class was and I said it was about one hour. He answered, "Well, no wonder it takes the whole year!" LOL

I don't think this is best for him but since I don't think it is bad for him, I'll let him do it. If nothing else it'll teach him a few things, and I don't mean German.

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Anonymous said...

If he wanted and you'd allow there are sometimes people selling German Rosetta Stones (or Tell Me Mores, which I think have speech also); some haven't even been open or have Levels 1 & 2. Just a thought.