Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Truly Brilliant, Truly Special

It's been one of those weeks at work. The special customers had a direct line to my desk somehow. A few examples:

The customer whose maid threw away a $400 item because the customer was hiding it on top of the garbage can, under some old wrapping paper. This customer insisted that we replace the item. She called more than once and insisted on speaking to supervisors until finally she demanded the corporate office. My way of thinking on this? If you can afford a maid, you can afford to replace an item you were dumb enough to hide in the garbage.

The customer who claimed to be a personal friend of our CEO. And, because she was so special, she was SURE we would upgrade her item (which she had broken) to the newer version. I figure, she can ask our CEO the next time they get together for drinks (since our policy on that one is a big, fat 'no').

Another customer who is equally upset with the no-upgrade policy who wrote, and I quote: "I shall also encourage large members of my religious group to boycott" our company. I guess it's ok for the small members to continue shopping with us.

And yesterday I had a gentleman who wanted me to assist him in breaking copyright law and, indeed, seemed unaware that there is such a thing as copyright law. He said the 'truly brilliant' people do this all the time. Hmm...


Cynthia said...

I used to work as a CSR. Some man asked me out. I told him my husband wouldn't appreciate that and he said that he didn't know I was married and that I always smiled at him when he came in, so he thought I liked him. I told him, "I'm a customer service representative. I get paid to smile at people when they come in the door. It's part of my job." He replied, "You mean you smile at all the customers?!"
Within a week or so my husband took me to the jewelry store and bought me a much more noticeable wedding ring.

Jenny-Fair said...

I had a similar experience when I worked at a hotel. Two Italian gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) asked me up to their room after my shift got over. My words were, "I don't think my husband would appreciate that." I was pregnant (not showing, though) and not wearing a ring because it didn't fit anymore. They threw a fit and told me to inform my husband that I NEEDED a wedding ring. I kept you think that behavior is ok but you draw the line at married girls?!

Cynthia said...

What a couple of cads.