Friday, May 1, 2009

The Clothes This Season

They are ugly!

I was remarking to Mrs. Pevensie the other day that the fat girl clothes are really ugly this spring. She informed me that the straight-sized clothes are equally hideous. I said that may be so, but straight-sized girls get a wider selection of hideous choices!

I don't know why I keep going to the stores and trying. When I go to Coldwater Creek, things are too dressy and expensive. When I go to CJ Banks, where I used to have good luck, it's like walking into my grandmother's closet. WalMart clothes are see-through, whether they mean to be or not, because the fabric is so cheap, and everything has a ribbed or drawstring hemline--this is not a good thing in my world. And Lane Bryant? They are out to get me. Every time I see a cute top on a fat girl at work and ask where she got it, the answer is Lane Bryant...only when I walk into that store, I can't find any cute tops!

All this to say that I think I have three outfits. And I work four days a week. And I have decided that I need a date outfit. Just in case. I mean, it's been years since I have been on one, so I figure the odds are in my favor, right? (don't tell me if I am wrong)

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Christina said...

I feel your pain! But, right now, this very week Lane Bryant has cute clothes. I think they get new stuff every month. I don't know what your definition of cute it, but baby doll type tops and three quarter sleeve stuff is there. I bought some gray trousers for work, and they are awesome! If you just apply for their credit card, they will give you 50% of your purchase towards something else in the store. So, if you pay 50 bucks for something, they give you 25 bucks for something else. When I get my credit card in the mail, I'll probably just cut it up, but it was 25 bucks for free!

On my Thunder Thighs Strikes Back entry on my blog, you can see those pants I got and the "free" top from Lane Bryant.