Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where'd I Put My Habit?

The other day I pulled in to my driveway and was greeted by two black birds, two robins, two quail and two squirrels. It was like a scene out of Bambi. And it made my current predicament all that much worse. You see, each spring, from about April through June, I go all twitterpated. I find men are better-looking and there are more of them around. I have a harder time concentrating on things. I daydream more. I feel like sitting in the rain. Things are just plain weird. And I think I have a harder time making good decisions. Decisions like, "don't date that man, he's a creep." So I am thinking I should just move to a convent each Spring, and have them let me out for my birthday at the end of June. Do you think they would let me wear pink?

1 comment:

Donna said...

Either that or build an ark, maybe? (The two by two thing...)

Happy Mother's Day! Hope your boys are treating you well today!