Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decompression and Math

Just when I thought I was in the swing of things, work-wise, it changed.

I really love my job. Honest, I do! I have had frustrating jobs where I didn't get to help people, and I don't like that. My current job is all about helping people. I love that! And unlike working in JoAnn's, I only have one customer at a time. Should be easy, right?

Somehow, though, the mere doing of my job raises my blood pressure and makes me tense. On my short breaks there is no time to decompress and on my lunch break, about the time I am breathing normally again, it's time to head back.

After work, I have to sit for 30 minutes. I can't watch a movie or anything, because I am still so tight from work that I wouldn't enjoy it.

I am not sure how to combat this. Breathing exercises? Who knows.

Sorry the posts are so few and far between these days! Should get a bit better when my schedule changes next week...perhaps I can post in my sleep, lol.

Nate seems to me to be mathematically gifted. Problem with that: He abhors rounding and repeating decimals. It bothers him to no end that the answer is imprecise. On a certain level I sympathize. On a certain other level I want him to get over it, lol.

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