Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No, Really, I DO Have a Life...

For some reason all my posts lately have been work-related. I guess that's 'cause I have been working six days a week. At any rate, this post will be no different...

Fun call for the day:
"Thank you for calling _____, may I have the name on your account?"
"Hello? Hello?"
"Hello, can you hear me?"
"No, I can't!"
There are some customers I am just not able to help.

I WON the pie throwing contest. Let's see, that doesn't sound right...I won a contest and the prize is that I get to throw pies at one of my supervisors. Unfortunately the prize is non-transferable (or I'd have given it to the other supervisor, who puts up with this one admirably). Also, it means I have to go to work on a day that I would not otherwise be there, as I am taking tomorrow off to sleep in and rest. I need it, I am fighting a sinus infection, and I am worn out, and if I don't use my leave tomorrow it expires. On the flip side, this means I can take Nate with me to the pie throwing. How did I win? By being the best of my team for last week :-)

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