Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Dress

When I come home from work lately, I want to change straight into my new jammie pants. This is a bad thing, especially when one gets off work at 3 in the afternoon! I have good reason for this, though. My new jammie pants, in addition to being pink camo, are the softest fleece I have ever felt, and the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.

Additionally, putting together enough work outfits to last six days a week PLUS a church outfit on Sunday is wearing on my small wardrobe.

So you can see why I am searching for the perfect dress. It has to be a dress, because then I don't have to have more than one piece. It has to fit me, which dresses rarely due since apparently as you gain weight you are also supposed to grow taller, therefor all dresses in my size are made for 9 foot tall women or chunky cross-dressers. The bust hits me at the waist, the waist at the hips...let's just say it doesn't work well. It needs to be extremely comfortable, as I sit at a desk 8 hours a day talking on the phone (no, seriously, I get paid to do this). It needs to look really good as I work with about 200 men, but more importantly, I need to feel cute every day. It needs to be warm and cozy, for those days when I really did not want to get out of bed and need desperately to feel like I am wearing a security blanket.

And I need it in seven different colors. You know, just so people don't think I wear the same outfit every single day.


shadowspring said...


So glad this job is working so well for you! Merry Christmas.


Christina said...

Plus size petite? Or are those too short for you?

Jenny-Fair said...

I haven't seen dresses in my size in a petite for less than a hundred dollars or so. Manufacturers apparently think we grow taller as we gain weight, lol.

I am between five three and five four, so I am right on the petite line for straight sizes, but larger sizes are proportioned differently. It's one of a myriad of problems stemming from the fashion industry apparently feeling that fat people don't deserve decent clothes.