Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Customer Service

I still love my job. But some days are certainly more difficult than others. My voluntary overtime shift is Monday mornings, for instance, and apparently this shift was available because hundreds of customers feel they have to wait until then to call in, only by that time they are pretty steamed about their problems. Seriously, folks, if a business is open 24/7, it's ok to call on the weekends.

Today I had a customer call to complain that...everything went right. Yes, I typed that correctly. He had received his order, in good condition, on time, and he called to complain. Because things happened just like we said they would.

I also had several customers with problems that I just couldn't fix. I hate that! My job is fixing problems and making people happy and when I can't do that job, I am just as upset as they are. Dude next to me actually leaned over during on call today and said, 'Oh, that call was so SAD!' He was right, too.

On the other hand, I get to hear about people's kids, see what others are getting for Christmas, find out what the weather is like everywhere from Denmark to Kuwait to Florida. I am getting pretty darn good at pegging accents, too! And I have sure learned a lot.

Still adjusting to the new schedule. Don't ask me how I am feeling for a least a week. I am sure I'll take at least one nap in the next few days! But Nate says it feels to him like I 'get off early' every single day, and that's a blessing. Yesterday he even forgot I was working a half shift and was quite surprised when I came home in time for lunch!

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