Monday, December 29, 2008

Work News

Alert! My assignment has been extended to at least Jan. 31st, with a possible 'regular' job in my future...I also have a job interview with another company next week, but I would much rather stay where I am at.

Our company has this neat feature where every time you call and talk to us, you get an email that asks if we helped or not, and enables you to leave comments. We can actually go back and read all the comments people leave about us, and I do that in my 'spare time' (ha!) I love this, it can be so much fun, so I thought I would share a few:

"This cust. service young lady(Jennifer) helped me ...Also, she did not make me feel dumb;which I am."
***that one cracks me up. He called me a young lady. Of course he can't be dumb!

"I am happy to say that I got the best help I could ever have wished for and the lady I was talking to was just an adorable new acquaintance!!"
***there you have it, folks--I am adorable! On the phone, at least.

"The agent who I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and friendly. Appreciated her good attitude."
***It's official--I have a good attitude. Now don't tell me otherwise!

I also read the negative comments. My favorite? The customer who answered the question, "did we resolve your problem?" by clicking on 'yes' and then commenting, "NOOOO you did NOT!!!!!!!!" Guess he doesn't know I am judged by my percentage of 'no' clicks, huh?


Christina said...

Hahahahaha those are great! "She did not make me feel dumb, which I am" That's fantastic. I needed a laugh today, thanks!

Jenny-Fair said...

You're welcome!

Donna said...

Good job, crazy phone lady! I wish I had a reason to call you so I could leave an encrypted message or something...LOL!

Jenny-Fair said...

Donna, you crack me up!

Ok, back to my pattern drafting...