Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Son, the Genius!

Actually, I happen to think BOTH of my children are brilliant, but this morning Nate figured out what was wrong with the air condition, without which we have been suffering for a week, and it's in the 100s right now!

A Tip: The vents really do need to be open. I am guessing that with the exit vents closed, as soon as it started blowing cold air and that air was trapped in the unit, it tripped the thermostat? In any case, I will now be able to live through my birthday, which I had my doubts about after yesterday.

And now...back to my sushi snack before my birthday party. I think Safeway made these crab and avocado California rolls just for me, LOL.


Mrs. Pevensie said...

Oooooooo, Sushi! Now that sounds like a great bday treat!

Jenny-Fair said...

They were very yummy indeed, lol.