Saturday, June 7, 2008

Painless Research Projects

I bought a book today! I tried to buy it locally but my favorite bookstore said they couldn't order it. It's pretty rare that I find a book at the library that I like so much that I have to have my own copy even though I know one lives across the street from me! In any case, has plenty of copies available at nice prices.

I already own three of Barron's "Painless" series and I think they are very handy. Research Projects is written mainly for grades 7 through 9 and is fun reading like the other Painless books I have looked at. It begins at the beginning with picking a topic and runs through various sources to use including the internet and personal interviews. It takes the traditional note-card approach and has a section entitled, "Think-Don't Copy!" which will most definitely be helpful. Organization, rough drafts and editing, and bibliographies are also covered. Appendix C includes links to websites designed to jump-start the student's interest in a topic.

I have been looking for some 'school' projects for the summer, and this will guide us through one. Brandon is finishing up the 9th grade but this book really could serve as a basis for research projects all the way through high school, in my opinion.

If you have used any of the Painless series, please post a review in Comments--I am sure more people than myself would appreciate it!

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