Friday, June 27, 2008

Realistic Expectations

So I have been marking my physical activity on my calendar. This could actually be a bad idea. I just looked at the calendar and saw that I had Pilates on Saturday, 90 minutes of Karate on Tuesday, Pilates on Wednesday and nearly 2 hours of Karate last night. I thought, 'what should I do today so I can write something on my calendar?' Dangerous thinking! In trying to exercise intuitively, the idea is to listen to my body, not some chart.

Last night I had to sit out the last 15 minutes of Karate. I did not pack enough water and none was available at the park. I was so embarrassed! That's right...the fat girl can't finish the class! But this morning, attempting to think beyond the soreness while waiting in line at 6 a.m. to sign the boys up for next swim session, I thought...that was only my second class! An hour and forty-five minutes for your SECOND time is a really amazing accomplishment!

I also had to stop myself from looking up how many calories Karate burns per hour. Burning calories is NOT THE POINT! I did NOT jump into that class in order to lose weight (ha! One look at a couple of the blackbelts would quash that notion quick, LOL). I jumped in because it looked fun, and the women in the class looked strong, and I wanted to do that, too.

So I am tired and sore and I have a million things to do today, and that spot on my calendar is just going to have to stay blank unless my body tells me otherwise. Because if I let the old diet thinking intrude on this lovely time in my life, it will ruin it, and it will take ages before I am willing to do something like this again.

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Mrs. Pevensie said...

That calendar can stay blank but don't forget to do some stretching or walking to help work the lactic acid out of those sore muscles. Activity really does help those muscles feel better faster. Good for you on the Karate class. That sounds like so much fun!