Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blind to Progress

It ocurred to me today that I get so caught up in the busy stuff that the things that really stand out to me are the negatives. Oh, I have positive interactions with my kids, but they aren't what I remember the next morning.

So, in an effort to improve my OWN attitude, here are some signs of progress that I have seen lately:
Neither boy has lost his school pencil in months! This was a huge battle at one point, so you'd think I'd have noticed before, oh, ten minutes ago when Brandon grabbed his out of the drawer that he puts it in every time he's finished using it!
I usually leave a list for the boys with chores and school assignments, plus any pertinent info for the day. Lately they have been pretty good at doing what the list says and a couple times have actually done what needed to be done even though I had forgotten to leave a list! Today they called to ask what I wanted them to do and when I said nothing except dishes, but one insisted on doing math.
(of course, I was interrupted while typing by a child having a math fit, lol, and have completely lost my train of thought)

Anyway, my point is, keep an eye out for the good news!

Oh, and on the funny side of things: Last night at Jukido, two young girls were playing together. They are both very strong-willed children and they are forever butting heads. One started hitting the other, and the hit-ee said, "If you punch me one more time I am going to punch you back!" at which point the hit-er ran to her father crying, "She threatened to punch me BACK!"

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