Friday, June 13, 2008

What day is this?

Today is...let me check my calendar here...yes, it is ONLY June 13th! And yet, I am already hearing mothers moaning about summer break dragging on and when is school going to start so I can get these rugrats off my hands?!

Ok, not to be mean...but I don't get this. My kids are always home. We have no 'summer fights'. And if your children will not listen to you and cannot get along during the summer, then I have news for you--this is a year round problem! You just don't notice it when they are at school.

Don't simply wait out the summer--make some changes in your home. Choose your number 1 annoyance and tackle it. Focus on relationships in your home. A routine might be of some use--summer provides freedom, but freedom without goals and routines leads to chaos.

And most of all, please remember that these children are blessings and they will be grown and gone far too soon! Enjoy the moments you have with them.


Mrs. Pevensie said...

You were definitely too nice about this topic. You said it well though.

Jenny-Fair said...

Well, people I known read this blog, lol.