Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grass Stains, Mosquito Bites & Motherly Pride

For a year and a half or so, my kids have been attending martial arts classes with our local Kokondo teacher. I highly recommend their children's classes-they are strictly self-defense and I have been very impressed. Both boys take the kids' class (Jukido Jujitsu) and Brandon also attends the adult class (Kokondo Karate).

This month during Jukido promotions, Nate was skipped one level from Yellow to Yellow w/2 stripes and Brandon was skipped two levels from Yellow to Orange. Hence my Proud Mama moment!

This week the building we normally use is unavailable and so the classes are meeting at a park. For over a year now I have been sitting on the sidelines, envious of my kids, but tonight I joined the Karate class. I can only do so this week while we meet in the park, and there is no need for a Gi and Sensei is being kind letting Nate and me hang out with the adult class (uh, without paying, lol). And besides, I finally have the time and energy since I am out of work. It was so much fun! I kicked off my (adorable new) Crocs (thanks, Mom!) and got grass stains on my jeans and I am sure I was eaten alive by the bugs. I certainly got sweaty and while it wasn't an aerobic workout it was definitely exercise. I am very proud of myself because this is part of my changing attitude about my size. I will never be thin (one can't starve a healthy body and expect it to react well) but I CAN STILL DO WONDERFUL THINGS! I do not have to worry that everyone is looking at me and thinking, 'Why is that fat woman doing that in public?' Nope, I was out there fumbling around in a group of people half my age and younger, but I can proudly say that now I can do Bo Kata 1.


Mrs. Pevensie said...

WhaHoo, good for you!!! Someone might have seen you and you may have just inspired them! Proud of you!

Jenny-Fair said...

Thanks, Mrs. P. Although, I was hoping people would NOT see me, lol. I did get a lot of bites, btw. And my feet are still a little green. Fortunately I am getting a pedicure on Saturday for my birthday :-)