Thursday, April 2, 2009

Um, Oops?

Apparently that post-per-day thing was an April Fool's Day joke? Sorry!

Things have happened around here-company coming early, my eldest son moving back, various other things, and I totally didn't do anything internet-related yesterday. Hence, I missed my first post. I will try to think of a second post before the end of the day in order to make up.

In the meantime, I am making pizza dough so everyone can build their own pizzas for a very late lunch today. I sold my Teaching Textbooks Math 7 before we had even finished using it-didn't even get a post up on our local homeschool e-loop when I saw someone else posting a wanted ad, which was cool, and I know the person, which is cooler. My Adobe keeps printing Brandon's report card in you think the local high school will accept credits for classes like QEGHOITNGOBIS with a grade of G? Me neither.

We are kinda-sorta watching Journey to the Center of the Earth while the kids run in and out re-loading their BB guns. Little Girl got hit in the rear with a BB and was not happy about it but I think the tears are tried and she's reloading her own gun to go out and seek vengeance.

The sun is shining and all in all it isn't a bad day. :-)

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Lisa said...

So Brandon is back home? How did that come about? Homemade pizza sounds yummy! Our oven doesn't work right now so I am delaying homemade pizzas and anything else needing baking and making mostly stove top meals.

Praying that things go well now that you have all of your kids under one roof