Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Saturday Off in Four Months!

Even better, it's the first of four days off in a row!

My new schedule, it turns out, is the best I have had so far. Four ten-hour days, none of them Sundays, and I get home by 6:30 every evening. This should solve the dinner-hour conundrum, among other things.

Training wasn't too mind-boggling but I will spend some time each day studying. In trying to think back to the last time I did something like this at work, it wasn't that the training taught me a lot, it just gave me vague directions in which to go, and I asked a lot of questions and eventually became I suspect the same will happen this time around. I just feel like I am on the spot to prove myself since, you know, they hired me even though I don't know anything (that was a quote in my last post, by the way, not just my impression!).

The boys both have 'stuff' today-Nate has to do colors at some event with his Sea Cadet unit (so cute in dress blues!) and Brandon has a paid job doing yardwork. I already have a to-do list going, with the aim of getting a lot done and still resting. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

WoW! That's great! I know you will do well. Congrats on getting this new job!!!!