Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Miss Manners

How does one politely interrupt a drug bust or other felony arrest process?

As it happens, "I'm really sorry, but I need to leave and your police car is blocking my driveway" worked, but I waited until the last possible minute to do so, hoping the cops would finish up and leave before I did. When they didn't, I figured Nate would be stranded at karate class twice in one week if I didn't speak up.

On Tuesday I wasn't able to get him because 1 minute before my shift ended my phone rang and a customer spent forty five minutes yelling at me for mistakes he made. After forty five minutes he gave up on me and switched to one of my supervisors and I was able to call my poor child and have him beg Mrs. Sensei for a ride home.

My living room is still filled with flashing blue, red and white lights, and poor Brandon came home to find me gone and the place surrounded by police cruisers. He was a tad concerned. I am parked down the street, hoping my neighbor doesn't come home before I get out of her spot!

Don't worry, btw--not my neighbors or anything like that. Things seem to have ended peacefully.

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