Thursday, January 28, 2010

Junonia, Part 7: Three Full Weeks Later

Last night I received a message on my phone from a mysterious Kelly at Junonia, who wanted to discuss my order with me. I called back, only to be told that she had just left, she only works until 6. I said to have her call me back today...and she did not. So I just called again. They said she had already gone home. I asked what time it was. It was 5. Um, ok, so 'six' means 'five' like 'in stock' means 'we have no idea' and 'in shipping' means 'we still have no idea'.

Then they told me that my order has shipped and gave me a tracking number. Oh, joy! I checked the tracking number on UPS doesn't exist. Just like the FedEx tracking number they gave me two weeks ago. Somehow, I just can't get my hopes up.


Cynthia said...

Had you thought about telling them to cancel your order? I know you want the pretty things that you ordered, but it's possible they don't have them and are using your money.

Jenny-Fair said...

I did think about it. Part of the reason that I didn't was that I wanted two of the items quite a lot. Then there was part morbid curiosity...I will have to post an update as I do finally have the items.