Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Re Figure

Having a rotten day.
First, I have an ear ache.
Secondly, I had to spend all of THREE breaks on the phone with a government official who has the power to make my life very difficult, and I believe intends to do so.
Thirdly, because of the time I spent on the phone with said official, I forgot to pay my power bill and my understanding is they will be turning the power off in the morning.
Yes, the day before Thanksgiving.
Yes, it is cold and rainy.
Yes, we will be putting a note on the meter informing them that my check IS in their drop box, but somehow I don't think it will help.
Fourthly, I have a terrible crush on someone I should NOT have a crush on, and he totally wore exactly what he should not have worn today, and of course looked very good in it.
Fifth, I have to make a big batch of cinnamon rolls and a pair of pajamas before I can go to bed tonight.
Sixth, my son was decidedly NOT proud of my ability to pick out Pierce Brosnan's chest from a chest lineup on TMZ.
I can't remember the rest of my complaints. Which is probably a good thing, as I decided on Sunday after our sermon that I need to be more thankful and obviously I am already failing at that.

On the flip side, they are not changing our shifts after all, so that is good news.


Lisa/Bagel said...

So today wasn't a good day?
Sorry to hear that all of these stressful things are happening at once. Hopefully your note will be honored.

Pierce Brosnan's chest? Really?

Jenny-Fair said...

"Pierce Brosnan's chest? Really?"
Yes. Yet another talent that I can't get paid to exhibit! LOL Actually, his chest was the only one I 'knew.' Most of the men on that lineup I have never heard of. But I might not be able to pick anyone else's out.

Ok, back to my dough!