Thursday, January 1, 2009

My January Unresolutions (plus a rant)

The worst thing about this time of year, I think, is hearing people beat themselves up and then proclaim that this year is going to be different...this year they really will lose the weight! Plus all the rotten dieting advice and nonsense being passed around.

Ok, tell ya what...this year is no different. Why not? Because the laws of science have not changed, and neither have our bodies. Dieting did not work last year or the year before that, and it will not work this year. Depriving ourselves (no matter what name you give that deprivation) still causes a psychological and biological backlash. Aiming for society's wrong idea of fitness still isn't going to be enough motivation to counteract biology, and doing all this to get thin still isn't any healthier than normal, intuitive eating that doesn't change the number on the scale. In fact, dieting is the cause of greater weight gain and a multitude of other health problems that I won't go into because others like have done it so much better.

One thing, therefor, that you will NOT see on my list, this or any other year, is a pledge to lose weight!

I made my list (see earlier post) and it came to more than 12, so one item per month wasn't going to cut it. It was hard to choose only a few for January, but I did. They are:
  • Take my Levity vitamins every day--all three pills. I need to do this because I feel SO much better, physically and emotionally, when I take them.
  • Irrigate my sinuses twice a day. Like you wanted to know that? LOL
  • Go for a walk 4 times a week, because that is the only way I will be able to overcome the muscular imbalance I have in my legs that causes excruciating pain when I do walk.
  • Clean out the kitty box every day. I tend to forget until after I am in my jammies, at which point I really don't want to go outside.

I made a calendar for the month with one week per page and little icons to check off when I have completed each of the things on my list. Also with space to write things in because my stepmother's calendar is just so pretty, and hanging on my wall already (yes, on the first day of the year!) , plus it has small squares and doesn't fit in my purse. We shall see how the month goes. I am not setting these things up as resolutions, because truly, if I miss a day, I want to be able to shake it off and move on. I guess it's more a reminder system of the things that I really want to do for myself but never seem to get around to.

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