Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just Plain Wrong

Since my Fairy Godmother apparently does not read my blog (and I am not willing to wait until the night of the ball for my gown and slippers to appear, anyway...although I DO have to work that day, there will be no fireplace cleaning), and I am not thinking mice will be stitching up a gown and cobbling shoes, and I don't buy lotto tickets, I figured I should get a pattern and make my own dress.

Apparently the mice are a better bet. I just looked through EVERY single pattern catalog that major fabric stores carry and NOT ONE has gown patterns in the plus size section. Apparently, we just aren't supposed to have any fun until we have starved ourselves into societal acceptance? Most gown patterns don't top a size 18 (and patterns have different sizes...for instance, I wear a dress size 24 but a pattern size an 18 would be about a size 12 in dress sizes, I am guessing), with a select few going all the way up to a 22. They probably don't think we can get dates, either, and what's the point of going anywhere without a man? (eyes rolling, here...)

I am not quite sure what I am going to do. My darling sister in law, who can design a pattern for just about anything, is too far away to help in this case. I may have to try it myself--been meaning to draft patterns, but had been hoping to begin with something a tad easier. You know, something that wasn't supposed to fit exactly against your body and that wasn't made out of satin?

I have been polling ladies and most are leaning towards a dark blue for me, although I have also heard seafoam green, dark purple, deep red, and several suggestions for 'sparkles'. I guess I am a sparkly person!

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Christina said...

I don't know much about sewing, but maybe you can make the dress a little loose fitting and then get a fancy thin belt that you an put around the skinniest part of your waist. Or, put ties on the back, then if it's kinda loose, you can tighten it and it will be kinda frilly on your backside.

Claire's (the teeny bopper store) ought to have silver or flashy belts for very cheap.

Or, if you don't want the whole dress to be made of satin, make a belt out of satin and have the dress be a different material.