Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

So, who stole the sun and refuses to share? Seriously, I haven't seen it in over a week and today it remained so dark that the parking lot lights at work never turned off! I don't do well with continuous lack of sunshine. Work news: They don't know yet if they will be keeping me. My boss says I will be the first to find out after her, mainly 'cause I will hear her screaming with joy. Fairy Godmother: Still conspicuously absent and I am without a dress as this month, with very little notice, I have been deprived of both child support and food stamps and *poof* there went my budget. School news: Nate and I are beginning a unit on Ancient Rome. Toga party, anyone? Rant of the Day: I am so sick and tired of the 'come weigh-in' emails being sent out by the (obviously mis-labeled) Morale Boosting team at work, which is hosting a biggest loser knock-off. Pardon me, but group self-flagellation is not morale boosting! It is also not effective. Other: I did not win the t-shirt contest at work. No, no, not THAT kind of t-shirt contest, the kind where we submit designs for the backs of the shirts. I rather liked my design, too, but oh, well.

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Donna said...

Sorry about your budget. That stinks.


Miss ya!