Monday, August 31, 2009

Giving Homeschoolers a Good Name

Me, to Nate, who supposedly (long story there) starts his first-ever public school course tomorrow morning: "So, should I find the school handbook and make you read it so you don't break any rules?"
"Mom! NO! If I read it I won't have plausible deniability!"
"Nate, there is no such thing as plausible deniability in the public school system."
"Oh, shoot. I was hoping for some lag time."


shadowspring said...

Aw, my son wants to go to public school next semester! Wah!

I knew this would be our last year, as he could dual-enroll at college next year. I was ready for that.

But now he wants to go next semester. And since I always want to encourage him to make dreams come true, off he will go.

The end of an era. (((Jenny-Fair))) Thanks for sharing part of it with me, even though only online.


Jenny-Fair said...

Oh, my own era isn't over-it's just one class, and so far, they are still trying to keep him from taking it! Very frustrating. I am sorry you may be losing your own student, though. Really, I wonder if he understands the drama and waste of time that is public high school.