Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Vending Machine Hates Me

We have a wall of vending machines in our break room. One dispenses frozen items. Last week, in desperate want of chocolate, I chose a frozen Snickers ice cream bar. I put in my money. I pressed the right buttons in the right order. And I retrieved from the machine...a beef and bean burrito. Not a happy thing. (You see, that morning, someone had stolen my very last Ferraro Rocher chocolate from my desk. My very last one. I have received a ransom note, but have not been able to retrieve the chocolate.)

This morning I went to the same machine to get a hot pocket for breakfast. The machine took my money and then twirled its screws hot pocket was halfway on and halfway off the rack. Ok, I thought...I will buy two of them, then the second will push the first down and I will be able to eat breakfast! I put in my money. It twirled its screws. And one--only one!--hot pocket fell to the bucket.

I heated up my twice-paid-for hot pocket and then...what is this? A thump?! Oh, yes, my second hot pocket has....fallen onto the secret shelf that apparently only opens when the machine WANTS it to open, and is still irretrievable! Argh!

So...I put in my money, and I pushed the buttons for a Snickers Ice Cream bar...and this time it worked and I got all my paid-for food items...far too much to eat for breakfast, but mine nonetheless.

And I thought packing breakfast sounded like too much work this morning.


Donna said...

LOL! The best was one of the hospitals Brian was in, where someone had apparently switched every last soda around in the machine. Like people waiting for a loved one in surgery need more stress...

Good thing I have a good sense of humor, and I had plenty of change!

Jenny-Fair said...

I suppose we can go with the benefit of the doubt...they were bored, they couldn't read, they were dealing with the stress of waiting on a surgery patient...but still...LOL