Monday, July 6, 2009

Garfield Had a Point

You know how every Monday Garfield wakes up and gets a pie in the face? He thinks Mondays are inherently evil, that they are actually out to get us. He has a point.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. I am fighting a sinus infection and apparently it is fighting back!

I checked my bank balance and find that my landlord had been holding on to not one, not two, but THREE rent checks...until last week. I thought there were only two outstanding, so all of a sudden my carefully laid financial plans for the month are blown to bits.

I am still carless, but I had on my 'absolutely necessary!' list things like buying deck shoes and sunglasses for Nate. No, really, it was necessary-he's at his first Sailing class as I write this. I would not want to see him sun-blinded, falling into the river in the hiking boots he insists on wearing every day. And since he is training for Boot Camp and has to run every day, sending him in his running shoes was also not an option.

So I begged my mother to loan me her car. On the way home from dropping her back at her office, sandwiched between a concrete barricade and a line of cars, I had no choice but to run over some object in the road. It made an awful sound and I drove home in a panic and looked underneath. Seeing no damage, I gingerly drove to the sporting goods store. When we left I saw a small puddle under the car, so I confessed to my mother and she sent me off to the Toyota repair shop.

This is where my Monday took a turn for the comedic and not-quite-disastrous. Turns out Lola (the car...choose your Lola song, I frequently sing when I see her) was fine...until I brought her into the shop. They ran into her with a golf cart while checking her over. The good news? This is not costing me any money, or my mom, either. Plus, Lola got a bath so they could check her for damage.

The Toyota repair shop has a waiting room to beat the Hilton. Massage chairs, a big screen television playing The Science Channel (I now know how they make those 13-foot long Riiiiicooooolllllaaaa horns and also how they make action figures based on real people), a boutique and a lady who kept trying to give people drinks and food.

And now I find myself with four hours (minus the time it takes me to post this) of solitude, peace and quiet. And a mile-long to-do list, but hey, we can't have everything! And, Monday, I believe I have beaten you this week after all!

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