Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Trip

Nate and I had to take a semi-emergency trip to the Wet Side of the state. We stopped and visited friends and my grandmother along the way, and actually convinced her to come along with us! So it made for three, and I am glad. I rented a Kia Rondo (?), which was comfortable if a tad noisy, and put 700 miles on it in two days, which is more than I prefer.

Grandma and I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Port Orchard. It's an adorably little place. It has a quaint little breakfast room where you can have everything from cereal to waffles (note--READ the instructions on the waffle iron before using), yogurt, bagels, just about everything you could want that they can do self-serve. The room furniture is pretty, and the pillows absolutely marvelous. I think they get their name from the pillows, really, it was very hard not to steal one or two! My single complaint, and it really isn't bad enough to call it a complaint, but I don't know another word, is that there was not much floor space in our room. Just walking paths around the furniture, lol. We had two double beds, though, perhaps other rooms have more, um, room.

The day we came back, we took Nate to the Naval Undersea Museum. It was very cool! Torpedoes, diving exhibits, underwater robots, a ship's bell exhibit and, dear to mine and Grandma's hearts, the half-size rescue sub used in the filming of The Hunt For Red October. They also have a reproduction of the living quarters on a Titan Submarine, which I had hoped would make Nate think twice about being deployed on one, but no such luck. Kid doesn't like to go to the grocery store when it's busy because of all the people, but thinks he can live on a shelf in a wall of shelves, all housing full-grown men?! Sigh.

We were lost about 50% of the time we were driving, but we did make it back home. I want you all to know, I stopped and asked directions FOUR times during that trip, and TWO of those times, people gave me bad advice! Grandma says I am pretty good at finding a way...eventually, lol.

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