Monday, March 16, 2009


I just KNOW that Nate and I are going to make this new schedule work for us. Today, though, is the first day, and I am running into unexpected problems. For instance, I found that I don't have as much time in the morning as I expected. Now, that might be due to figuring I could 'stay up late' last night and not getting to sleep until after 11...ok, my new schedule is not license to pretend I don't work the next day.

Also, it dawned on me that Nate and I won't be having dinner together four nights a week unless we eat quite late. Most days I have left enough convenience food for him to get through the day, figuring we'll make it up with a good home-cooked dinner. This clearly will not work anymore. Do I get up early and make a really, really good breakfast? Cook ahead and take some to work and leave some for Nate (who hates leftovers, btw)? I don't want him to live on processed food.

Also regarding food--working 10 hour days, I need to bring more of it to work with me. I have six and a half hours of work left and only two hot pockets to carry me through the rest of my day! That's not good for someone recovering from restricted eating. The vending machines here are not generally to my tastes and my breaks are all scheduled pretty early in my day. I did recently buy this, into which I can pack considerably more food than I expected, and it has a handy ice ring that kinda-sorta keeps things cold, but I forgot to wash it before work this morning. I might need to get a couple more of their containers. It bugs me that they say 'fit & fresh' and come with diet tips, but other than that they are perfect containers to pack food for work, especially when I am frequently reduced to grabbing a bite and trying to chew and swallow before the next customer comes on the line!

Finally, I previously had a nice (sometimes) habit of going for a walk when I came home at 3 in the afternoon. Well, coming home at 9 at night is a different story, at least until the days get a bit longer. I could walk on my lunch break...but only if I bring good shoes. Yet another thing to haul in! I'll have to get over that somehow. Nate has become so active lately that it isn't that big a deal that he isn't walking with me each afternoon anymore. It'll be hard walking without company, though.

So, that's my reflection on the first half of my first day on my new schedule. It is going to be a rough week as we have to take a trip on my two days off and I am not going to get rested up or spring cleaned or anything like that. Next week will be a better measure of how we will do.


Sarah said...

what about crock pot meals? then you would both have a hot meal when you are there/ready to eat it. You could throw the stuff together pretty fast...or he can later in the day if it doesn't need to cook long.

there was a blog Ryanne found recently with 365 crock pot meals on it.....check it out....

Donna said...

I agree about crock pot meals. Great idea, Sarah!

You could also make up batches of things and freeze them. Burritos, pancakes, etc. Then he can have homemade stuff that he pulls out and nukes.