Sunday, March 22, 2009

Click Here For Giggles

Do you know what the Kindle is? If not, you should find out. In any case, you should click here to read the reviews of the second-most-expensive Kindle book ever, Nuclear Energy. No, really, you should click and read--I promise you won't regret it!


Cynthia said...

That was weird, Jennifer. Really weird.

Donna said...

Uh...yeah. Is that a real book? I was afraid to click the wrong thing and have it try to charge my bank account that much. AAAAAHHHH! I'm pretty sure it would be immediately declined though. :P

Jenny-Fair said...

Of COURSE it's a real book! But I don't think the reviews are from people who have read it, lol. They are creative and funny, though.

Maybe it's just 'cause I live near a nuclear reservation that I find it hilarious? My mom, who works out there, could hardly breathe she was laughing so hard, and she took them to work with her to share.

Cynthia said...

After looking into this further, I still think the comments were weird.

I'm thinking that the people that wrote this book are very proud of themselves, but so far not one copy has sold on It seems that if they charged a more reasonable price for their work people might actually purchase it and they would make some money. The description of the hard copy of this book, which is quite a bit more money than the Kindle version, stated that it would be a good book for students. Perhaps that would be true, but it would have to be owned by a university and not allowed to leave the premises! I wonder who, if anyone, would really purchase a book like this.