Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week, End!

I love my job. I really do! But it's been a stressful week. I am working 5:45 am to 4:45 pm every day this week. I go to bed at night and all night long I am still at work in my dreams. I dream entire phone calls. This morning we were asked how many of us this was happening to and at least a dozen raised hands. We are going collectively insane. Yesterday I actually had to spend over ten minutes trying to tell someone how to use a joystick. Seriously, folks...seriously.

So, I have tomorrow off. I will need it. I am working even more hours next week than this week! Poor Nate! I am farming him out to friends and family just so he won't be home alone all day every day.

I am supposed to teach Sunday School tomorrow. I have no idea what to teach. I think we should just take a nap.


Mrs. Pevensie said...

Hey, at least you are all going insane together!

How did Sunday School go?

Jenny-Fair said...

Well, thanks to John MacArthur! I found an article he wrote and we had so much to talk about we didn't even get to the end.