Monday, February 16, 2009

Tales from Work

For some reason, I can hardly ever use the 'enter' key to go to the next line when composing on blogger. This bothers me. So forgive any formatting problems in this post, please. A conglomeration of recent customer comments: I think the representative may have been Jennifer. She was extremely helpful and cordial. I think I may be Jennifer, too. Most days. The young lady I spoke with was VERY helpful. I wish I knew her name. She did a fabulous job! I am beginning to see a pattern here. It is disturbing me. The next comment was not in regards to me, but I think displays some amusing irony. (I have not altered it in any way): it was a please not talking to a third world country
she was great
I received an offer of cookies and marriage from one particularly pleased customer. I also, I believe, helped save a woman from lifelong shame when her order did not arrive in time for Valentine's day and she had me cancel it. She swore it was because the order was made up of gifts that would not arrive on time. The reason I think we did her a favor is that her order was for diet books and exercise DVDs!

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