Saturday, September 20, 2008

Standardized Test Scores

'Real' teachers must have to take a whole class on reading standardized test scores in order to be certified, I am sure.

Anyway, Nate's scores came in the mail today. So did an instruction sheet on how to read them, thank goodness! It was his first fill-in-the-bubble test, and I am pleased with the results. He scored average or above average in everything. His average Stanine score is a 7 (with no score lower than a 5), and his average grade-level equivalency is a 10.6 (meaning that he scored on this test what a student in the 10th grade, 6th month would be expected to scores on this test).

He is just beginning the 7th grade.

I don't think the math computation section is an accurate reflection of his skills, but other than that the only thing that surprised me was his spelling score, which was higher than I had expected.

All in all, I guess I haven't ruined him yet!


brandy said...

Good to know he isn't being socially or academically stunted by your choice to homeschool him, I mean, jeez, he could be all social and behind the curve if you sent him to school!!!

Sorry for the sarcasm but it really does mean you are doing a GREAT job to have him where he is at academically. Keep it up.

Christina said...

Oh wow! Good for him. 10th grade level is awesome for a 7th grader!
BTW, I tagged you on my blog.

Jenny-Fair said...

I saw that (the vitamin thing?) and thought it was sweet.

Thank you both for the congrats!