Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abundantly Blessed

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I would like to audition for a musical. Well, I would love to...but it just isn't a good time for that, and the musical in question was not really God-honoring and worth the time I would have to take away from Nate and home in order to participate. And when it's over, it's over, and what have you taken away from it?

Still, it pained me to forgo involvement in anything musical, as it's been a long time since I have done anything in that area. So I decided that I would take the time that I could have spent on that musical, and use some of it to re-learn the piano and the guitar, instruments that I used to play but had not bothered with in years.

One problem: I owned neither instrument AND I don't even have a job, so merely paying the bills is a challenge, forget buying luxuries! So I figured I would work with my 20 year old Casio keyboard and take every chance I could get to practice on real pianos elsewhere, and make do!

Well, since then, I have been offered both a guitar and a piano free of charge. The piano is in sorry condition, but far better than the keyboard I have. The guitar hasn't arrived yet. Still, I am so abundantly blessed!

In addition, on Sunday, perfectly free of charge and actually a help to the people who brought it, an air hockey table was delivered to me. It might seem silly, but I have wanted one for years, and the kids love them, and it brings back memories of my own childhood. We didn't have an air hockey table, but we did have a pool table and a ping pong topper for it, and my friends and I spent many happy hours with them. I am hoping to eventually get a ping pong topper for the air hockey table, too, but in the meantime, it's already brought a lot of giggles to this house.

I hear people say that God exists, but isn't really involved in our lives. I beg to differ. Times are hard for us right now, but still the care given to the details of our lives is quite obvious to me!

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