Monday, May 26, 2008

Just WHAT do they teach teachers?

Many people wonder why on earth I homeschool my kids, and those who have heard me say it usually wonder why I feel that my kids would be better off completely uneducated (if I were unable to educate them) than they would be in a public school. http://,0,2574622.story Well, there is one of my reasons! How on earth can we expect bullying in schools to go away when the teachers ARE the bullies?! I have witnessed my share of teachers-to-be taking ridiculous classes that have little to do with teaching kids, but I never figured they were taught how to humiliate and crush the poor little kids entrusted to their care by naive parents. And if this teacher was NOT taught this nice, democratic way of bullying, how on earth did she become this thing of children's nightmares without anyone noticing? A teacher doesn't go from a kind-hearted graduate student who wants to nurture small children (let's assume that is why people become teachers) to being cold and cruel overnight or due to only one student. Could it be the public school environment that fosters this type of attitude? It would certainly explain some things.

Here's hoping this mom brings her little boy home to heal and learn the way he was made to.

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