Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Now that I have gotten started I figure I should introduce myself and those I live with.
I am, of course, Jenny-Fair**. Age 32 (for another month or so), divorced 11.5 years, eldest of six kids in a very blended family. I have a deep desire to be home with my kids (and to have more kids, but that’s another post…) but for the past two years have been working a succession of temporary jobs, every last one of them involving dirty men driving big trucks. I have, apparently, been typecast. I have also learned a lot! At the moment I am considering various career options, both immediate and in the future.

“The Boys” are, of course, my sons. I have two of them—Brandon, age 15 and Nathan, age 12. They are delightful and frightening people. I am very grateful that I was a tomboy as a child, because raising two boys on my own has taxed my ingenuity and patience. If I were to be abandoned anywhere on the face of the planet, I would want at least one of them with me, for they are always carrying various tools, binoculars and flashlights, and they read survival manuals like neglected housewives read trashy novels. They are never bored, and neither am I!

We also live with a parakeet, Skye, who belongs to Nate, and three cats—Zeuss, who belongs to Brandon and definitely know it, Brinn, who belongs to me, and Julia, who belongs to Brinn. Oh, and one surviving fish from the pair I stole from my last job. But I don’t think he’s going to last long.

**My given name is Jennifer, which comes from the Cornish/Welsh ‘Gwenevyre’ or some such spelling, which means ‘fair’. Years ago I had a Guatemalan friend who pronounced my name ‘Jenny-fair’ and, since that is closer to the original meaning anyway, it kind of stuck.

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